How to Ensure Your Dream Detroit Wedding Venue Doesn’t Become a Nightmare

Avoiding Mistakes for Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue2When it comes to planning a wedding it is really hard to choose a venue. Even if you have budget it is not enough to pick a suitable one. Though there are hundreds of wedding venues in Detroit, MI, many couples still having hard time in deciding which one is suitable for them. The reason why venues  in Detroit is highly recommended by many because aside from its stylish and elegant space they will provide you a complete wedding service, in this case the clients will have lesser stress in preparation of the wedding.  If you are planning to book a wedding venues Detroit for your wedding you should take consideration of many things.

Ample space

One of the main issues that many couples encounter during wedding is the space for the guests. It is crucial that before picking a venue you need to finalize the number of guests. This will help you to determine the size of wedding venue in Detroit, MI. Having enough space is very important. You can’t just put your guests in a small room without considering that you also have your vendors around. Ample space will give everyone the chance of moving freely. Keep in mind that the caterer and the wait stuff will be roaming around to serve the guests. If you have small venue there is a tendency that everyone will bump into each other over and over again. Not to mention the photographer and videographer that will carry bulky equipments to document the wedding. It is important that you will appoint a person who will be in charge of the guests. Be strict on whoever enters the venue. They should have business inside, this will control the crowd.


You can’t set a budget right away especially if you don’t have any idea what type and size of venue you are going to have. After determining the size of the wedding venue in Detroit, MI you now need to set for the budget. The wedding budget will determine if your dream venue is attainable. If not you need to come up with plan B. Though it is not appropriate to ask whether your guest will hand you a cash as a gift it would be great tell them in advance that if they planning to do so then they can give you the cash in advance so that you will be able to sustain the rental fee for the venue.

Parking facilities

You can’t deny the fact that most of guests will be riding with their own cars. It is important that the venue that you are going to rent has enough parking spaces. This will cater those guests from other country or state along with their vehicles. It is an obligatory act for the couple to secure this type of issue. If the venue can’t provide you a free parking space for your guests at least find a parking place that is near or within the vicinity of the venue.

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